11 – 11:45 a.m. — Concurrent Sessions C

ScienceFest (Session C)

11 a.m., Wiley Hall Auditorium (2nd floor)
  • Tracing the character evolution of jaws and teeth in Moray eels (Muraenidae)
    Adeline Kamaliza
  • Quantifying Sepallata Gene Expression in Column; Anther Cap, Viscidium, and Pollinium; Platform, and Lip and Labellum of Phalaenopsis
    Lindsey Dean
  • Systematics and Taxonomic Status of the Nantucket Island Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus fusus); nongeographic variation
    Taylor Blevins

Honors Showcase (Session C)

11 a.m., McGlothlin – Street Hall (MS) 102
  • Three Plays, One Englishman, One Tradition of Self-Adopted Misogyny: Shakespeare’s Two Noble Kinsmen, Much Ado About Nothing, and Titus Andronicus
    Laken Brooks
  • Brainforest College: A Proposed Experience of Higher Education that Celebrates and Scaffolds Neurodiversity (Or Not)
    Ali Hillman
  • Alternative Forms of Transitional Justice After World War II
    Cheyenne Campbell

Festival de la Primavera: What We've Learned


For the third year, students in Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality, as well as translators and volunteers from Spanish courses and Spanish-speaking students at the college, worked with the Migrant Health Network and the Southwest Virginia Community Health System to organize and host the Festival de la Primavera. The event offers free health screening for migrant workers in our region, most of whom are Latino/a/x. During this session, students, faculty, and community partners will discuss how the work they performed contributed to the event's success and reflect upon what they've learned about the ways in which race, ethnicity, national identity and social inequality operate to influence population health and health equity.

Emily Jones, Matt Brosche, Brenda Burch, Craig Cook, Shayla Di Tolla, Rashaad Ford, Luke Funkhouser, Gabby Gregory, Jessica Harosky, Claire Hogg, Ellie Hogg, Eric Johnson, Clarissa Martin, Julie Meadows, Jada Penn, Rachel Peters, Ally Pollard, Essence Smith & Beth Stevens. We also hope to be joined by Professors Mary Boltwood, Gonzalo Baptista, Mariano Ayala, and translators and volunteers from Spanish classes and Spanish-speaking students who assisted with the event, as well as our community partners.

Video-research on Latino community members

11 a.m., Byars Hall 027 — WATCH LIVE

Spanish language minors and majors will showcase their video-research on Latino community members in the area. The 8-10 minutes video includes subtitles in English, so all the students and faculty members are invited to learn from our students.

Danielle Amoruso, Spencer Dillon, Leah Elswick, Courtney Herron, Melody Lipford, Kelsey Little, Kaitlin Meade, Brice Quillen, Daniel Scharsich, Devin Seal, Kaitlyn Sheaves, Massimo Tager, Jesse Vandyke & Achille Wangam.

The Sphinx Legacy Project

11 a.m., Byars Hall 121

Why is the Emory & Henry yearbook called the Sphinx? Come find out at our session! Bring your friends and come look through yearbooks all the way back to 1905. Our rich history shows just how much Emory has changed and how much we have progressed. Come for a scavenger hunt to find pictures of professors from years past.
Delyn Bull, Sara Foster, Jessica Myer & Joey Gass.

New World, New Life

11 A.M., BYARS HALL 113
As a European student aspiring to study the liberal arts, I felt overwhelmingly inspired by the great surprise it was to transfer to Emory & Henry College. Now I find that not only is the college strong, but the small community it gathers is wonderfully warm and welcoming. The impression this community left on me will never go away and will continue to inspire me. One of the ways it has begun to inspire me is in my writing. I here present some of my creative writings, prose and verse, of this academic year that all tie to my discovery of this beautiful place.

Noé Amellal

Modern Mathematicians


Students in Math 120 this semester researched and prepared posters exploring the work of modern mathematicians. Posters will be on display throughout the day.

Zoe Adamson, Alexandra Delby, Jasmine Elkins, Wagitci Gear, Robert Gentry, Camille Gray, Elise Harvey, Rachel Hubble, Adam Jarvis, James Jiggetts, Melody Lipford, Olivia Martus, Ronald Miller & Emily Morris