2 – 2:45 p.m. — Concurrent Sessions D

Draw What You See: the Art of Scientific Illustration

2 p.m., Mcglothlin-Street hall (MS) main Lobby
  • Western Honey Bees, Tori Holmberg
  • The Similarities and Differences between two Orchids: Phaius tancaravilleae and Phalaenopsis sp. , Taylor Richardson
  • Range of Species Occurring in Washington County, Viriginia, Lindsey Dean
  • Sufficient Techniques to Portray Detailed Differences in Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys) Drawings, Kayla Mulkey
  • Southwest Virginia Venomous Snake Species and some Commonly Misidentified Look a Likes, Chelsea Snead
  • Artistic Renderings of the Upland Burrowing Crayfish, Cambarus dubius, and their Burrow Structure, Matthew Reilly
  • Panamanian Butterflies, Brittiany Mills
  • Amphibians and Reptiles of Southwest Virginia, Erin Kirk

ScienceFest Poster Presentations


Natural Sciences students will share and be present to discuss posters exploring their work.

Formal Release and Public Reading of Ampersand Magazine

2 P.M., Calliopean room, byars hall

Come and celebrate the newest issue of Ampersand literature magazine. Selected writers are invited to read their work, and community members are also invited to bring their favorite poems or stories to share. Light refreshments will be served.

Laken Brooks, Summer Apostol, Nina Kerr, Ellie Hogg, Juliana Fabrizio, Abby Hathorn & Jessica Myer.

The Big Question: How do we as global citizens plan for a sustainable world?

2 p.m., mcglothlin-street hall (MS) 302
Students from Economics, Geography and Sociology are collaborating to address this critical question. The future habitability of the planet depends on our answer.

Henry Dalby, Katherine Ginn & Logan Barber.

Knights of the Treatment Table

2 p.m., byars hall 027 — WATCH LIVE

Emory & Henry Athletic Training students present their work.

Examining Proximal Hamstring Tendinopathy in Ultra Runners: A Multifactorial Approach

Chandler Copeland, ATS & Brandon Surber, ATS

Which type of ACL reconstruction graft is more prone to reinjury or failure in college-aged patients?

Lauren Blakey ATS & Michaela Nolte, ATS

Mass Communications Senior Portfolio Presentations

2 P.m., McGlothlin-Street Hall (MS) 154

Nikita Beenunula, Jeffrey Cowart, Julianne Hart, Jordan Hawkins, Kelsey Hubbard, Martha Jessee, Joaquin Mancera, McFarland Murph, Margaret Onken, Tristen Pennington, Desmond Perry, Hayden Rice, Lauren Sapp, Haden Sellers, Devynne Stiltner, Susan Watts, Catherine Wiedman & Jesse Wright.

Modern Mathematicians


Students in Math 120 this semester researched and prepared posters exploring the work of modern mathematicians. Posters will be on display throughout the day.

Zoe Adamson, Alexandra Delby, Jasmine Elkins, Wagitci Gear, Robert Gentry, Camille Gray, Elise Harvey, Rachel Hubble, Adam Jarvis, James Jiggetts, Melody Lipford, Olivia Martus, Ronald Miller & Emily Morris